Welcome to Ultraspeech-tools website !

Ultraspeech-tools is a set of software dedicated to the acquisition, the processing and the visualization of ultrasound speech data. These softwares have been originally developed for research on silent speech interface (see the website of Ultraspeech2 project). They are now used also for researches in phonetics, and as a plateform for speech therapy (computer-assisted prononciation training, visual biofeedback).

Ultraspeech-tools is composed of:

  • Ultraspeech acquisition software (Hueber et al., 2008): Synchronous and simultaneous acquisition of high-speed ultrasound and video images, multi-channel audio signal (for speech signal, EGG, etc.). 
  • Ultramat: Matlab toolbox providing functions for post-processing ultrasound data acquired using Ultraspeech, including EigenTongue method (Hueber et al., 2007). 
  • Ultraspeech-player: Software dedicated to the intuitive visualization of ultrasound speech data for pronunciation training and speech therapy (Hueber et al., 2013). 
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Enjoy !

Thomas Hueber, PhD

CNRS research fellow at GIPSA-lab - Grenoble, France